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Configuring Contact Form

Configuring Contact Form


This part of the documentation shows you how you can configure a contact form with Tailwind CSS Templates and Bootstrap Templates.

Using PHP Contact Form:

For Bootstrap templates, we used to provide a PHP script that only can be used for PHP servers,

if phpmailer function is up and running smoothly.

Here is how it works: Just replace the email address with your own from


This procedure should work if everything is configured properly on the server side.

FormBold is a powerful form API and serverless form backend that works with all hosting, SSG, and frameworks.

We highly recommend, using a serverless end-point (FormBold) to make contact form dynamic, since most users nowadays don't use PHP servers.

Here’s how to connect FormBold API with your contact form:

Step#1: Create an account on FormBold and create a Form.

Step#2: Integrate the API into your contact Form using this code. Make sure your Form’s method is set to POST

action="https://formbold.com/s/unique_form_id" method="POST">
<input type="email" placeholder="email" name="email">
<input type="text" placeholder="subject" name="subject">
<textarea name="message" placeholder="message"></textarea>
<button type="submit">Send Message</button>

You’ll find the unique_form_id in the FormBold dashboard under **Settings>Integration.**

Copy and paste it to the action attribute.

This is just the basic setup, FormBold has a lot of great features like re-captcha for spam protection, and the ability to integrate it with other apps like Webhook, Slack, Notion, and GoogleSheet. Learn more about FormBold here.

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